How to Activate Mesh in Scratch 1.4

What is Mesh?

Mesh is a hidden feature within the Scratch program that allows your Scratch project to communicate with other Scratch projects on the internet. It is commonly used to create multiplayer Scratch games which can be played over a LAN network.

How to setup Mesh? 

As of the time this post is published, Mesh in only available in Scratch 1.4. Therefore, this entire tutorial will be based off the Scratch 1.4 program.

1) Hold down Shift on your keyboard, and Left-Click on the “R” in the Scratch logo in the top left area of the Scratch interface.

Left-Click on the R right there while holding down Shift.

2) Left-Click on “turn fill screen off.” A white area shall appear on the right and bottom sides of the Scratch interface.

Left-Click on “turn fill screen off.”

3) Left-Click anywhere in the newly appeared white area. A menu shall appear. Click on open –> browser. A green window should pop-up.

Left-Click on the white area right there. You’ll get a menu like this. Click on “open.” Then click on “browser.”

4) Click through Scratch-UI-Panes –> ScratchFrameMorph –> menu/button actions –> addServerCommandsTo: 

Navigate through the green browser as shown.

5) A bunch of code should appear below. One the second line of code, change the code from t2 <- true. to t2 <- false.

6) Right-Click anywhere in the green window and select accept (s). Enter whatever initials you’d like and click on Accept.

7) Hold down Shift on your keyboard, and Left-Click on the “R” in the Scratch logo in the top left area of the Scratch interface.

8) Left-Click on “turn fill screen on.” The white area shall now disappear.

Mesh is now currently enabled in your current Scratch project and session.