My Growing Sensation for OneNote 2013

I never thought having a note-taking program would ever be necessary for me. In all honesty, I preferred to keep my notes in a physical notebook and do research that way. But after experiencing OneNote 2013 and using it for my school work, it was just gold to me. The capabilities and organization I had in OneNote was unlike anything I’ve ever thought of before. It was just so useful in ways I’ve always doubted.

Upon first impression of the program, it was very clean. Unlike other Office programs, OneNote doesn’t take you to a grid of different templates that are available. Instead, it takes you straight to a fresh new notebook. (Then again I’ve been using this program for weeks and I probably don’t remember how OneNote really starts for new users.) But whatever it may be, once you’ve created a new notebook, you’re stuck with emptiness. You may not know what to use this program for or how to make it useful.

For me, the usefulness of this program started with school. I was assigned an essay to complete and research had to be done. I wondered in my head, “Where can I be efficient with my research and keep it all organized all at the same time?” Then… Light bulb! I have OneNote!

When starting out with my research, I realized that I can use a certain tool in my notebook to make my research very efficient. This feature being known as the “Snipping Tool.” The purpose of this feature is very simple and easy to comprehend from reading the title, it’s meant to snip some pictures on your computer screen that you can place in your notebook. This snipping feature has proved to be very useful for me. I can easily grab facts from the internet, and easily place it in whatever page, section, or notebook I desire. There is absolutely no hassle when I use this wondrous feature.

I should also note that you can install a Clip to OneNote plugin for your web browser. This allows you to save your pages to your notebook without the hassle to snip a certain area. It’ll be sent to your default personal notebook with the picture of the web pages and its link. Again, another wondrous feature that has proven well of its capability!

Another great accomplishment of OneNote that I really do enjoy is the way the program is formatted. It’s basically setup like how you would have your notes in your notebook. You’d have different notebooks for different purposes. Then within that, there are sections to sort out all the different pages that go within those sections. You can also make pages as sub-pages for other pages. If this doesn’t make sense to you, all you really need to know is that this program uses a hierarchal form of organization. Starting from Notebooks –> Sections –> Pages –> Sub-Pages –> Sub-Pages. This hierarchal form of organization makes the program really useful to keep a research project nice and organized rather than stacked and cluttered.

Without a doubt, OneNote 2013 has served me a purpose that I never thought I needed. One of which I’ve always ignored and found pointless. But after finally opening up my mind about OneNote and giving it a chance, I eventually fell in love with it. OneNote has now filled an unknown void in my list of necessities making it impossible to take notes on the internet without it. Or at least, inefficient…


Hulu For Windows 8 is Here!

With the new Windows 8 rolling in and Hulu rising along, Hulu is finally available for Windows 8 users. 

You can go ahead and open up the Windows 8 store and download the app from there. Go ahead and log into your Hulu Plus account and you can get started. You can check out the full instructions here:

The app will also soon be available for the Windows phone.

The program offers a 1-week trial. However, you will have to pay $7.99 as a subscription free every month afterwards.

What does this all mean for Windows? One thing is for sure, it’s definitely going to help promote the Windows 8 operating system after a somewhat public dissapointment in some areas. 

Is Skype Getting Any Better With Microsoft?

Hey guys!

I’m here to talk about Skype under Microsoft. Mostly because lately, Skype has been undergoing some major changes. Especially since the release of Windows 8. So, I thought it’d be nice to bring in a topic about this.

So, How’s Skype Doing? 

It’s been two years since Microsoft has bought Skype. Lately, Skype has been changing a lot. Especially their new color scheme going with the new Windows 8 Metro UI.

Well, first off, lets start with what has changed. One major change to Skype is the user interface. Ever since Windows 8 was released, more of Microsoft’s products are beginning to adapt to the new Metro UI. One of those products of course, is Skype.

With Skype’s latest update(Windows Desktop:, Skype has lost its original color. Meaning, the interface is just a plain white. The blue color that people knew as Skype is gone. Sure, the blue color comes up every now and then. But really, all I see is white. As if, Skype has gone “blank.”

Now, what would be a good solution to that? Bring back the blue! Or even better, a customization feature. People with Windows 8 have the option to customize their color for the start menu. Why can’t we do that with Skype?

I would recommend a feature where you can choose the color scheme for the interface of Skype. With that small addition, users can personalize their experience and feel a bit more welcome.

Another change that has been climbing onto Skype is the new metro UI. I personally, love the metro idea. Just one problem, I’m not getting that metro feeling.

I believe this is mostly because of the color. Remember earlier how I said the plain white interface makes Skype seem, “blank.” Well, the color scheme is having an effect on their new metro UI. Like I said earlier, a nice color customization feature would be nice.

Sadly, it’s all I’ve got so far. But, I’ll let you know once I’ve got more. Let’s just hope Microsoft will at least bring back the old Skype that everyone knew.