My Thoughts on the WordPress Plugin

How To Install the WordPress Plugin

During the past couple days, I chose to install a WordPress plugin so I may immediately view notifications from my blog. Here are links for the plugin for each browser.

Mozilla FireFox |Google Chrome | Opera

For Opera users like myself, please install the Opera add-on link above first. Afterwards, you’ll be capable to install any Google Chrome plugin such as the WordPress plugin linked above.

Once installed, click on the WordPress plugin icon and click sign in. Sign in with your WordPress account and navigate to the dashboard of the blog of your choice. Now you’re all setup. This plugin will basically show the notifications from the last blog(Your own of course) you’ve worked on or visited. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

My Thoughts

It’s pretty basic for a plugin. It showcases notifications from your blog’s dashboards. Such as new comments, followers, or likes. You also have the option to follow other WordPress blogs and can create new posts about the current website your on by clicking on the “Blog This” icon. A new window will pop up asking you for the format of the post. Again, all of these are great features.

The notifications panel.

Choosing the format of my post…

The only downfall I have about this plugin is the “Blog This” option. I like how you can create a new post about the website you’re currently on and you can edit all of this from the pop up window shown. However, I wish all of the features were shown in the pop up window. I really miss the ability where I can set categories for my posts so they don’t become “uncategorized.”

Missing: Categories, HTML, Polls, Forms, Other Media

But all in all, this is a really great plugin. Making it really useful for quick posts and updates. However, even so, I still feel like it doesn’t give me the same functionality of creating my post as if I were doing it right from the dashboard.