Alice 2.3 Learning Series

Alice 2.3 is free program developed by Carnegie Mellon University. The main purpose of this program is to introduce users to programming and the logic behind it. 

Download Here

Lesson 1Learning the Interface – Learn & understand the interface program of Alice.

Lesson 2Working With Objects – Learn how to add, remove, and customize objects. We’ll also get into on how to work with poses.

Lesson 3Animation & Coding – We’re going over on how to animate characters using poses and how to code it.

Lesson 4Understanding Vehicles – Understand how to use the vehicle option.

Lesson 5 Dummy Cameras -Understanding the concept of dummy cameras.

Lesson 6 – Using isShowing -We’re going to review previous lessons, but also go over using “isShowing.”

Lesson 7Functions Part 1 – Understand the use of if statements not only in Alice, but in the real world as well.

Lesson 8Functions Part 2 – Now, we’ll learn how to use a function with a while statement and understand its usage in the real world.

Lesson 9 World Functions – We’ll learn and experiment with the functions in the world.

Lesson 10 Variables Part 1 – We’re going to learn and understand the types and how to use variables.

Lesson 11 – Variables Part 2 – We’re going to go a bit more in-depth about variables.

Lesson 12Variables Part 3 – We’ll learn how to use two other common variables in the real-world programming.

Lesson 13Parameters – We’re going to understand the use of parameters.

Lesson 14Lists – We’ll learn and understand on how to use lists.

Lesson 15 – Arrays – Now, we’re going to go over arrays.

Lesson 16Dummy Objects – Before we learned about dummy cameras, now dummy objects.


3 thoughts on “Alice 2.3 Learning Series

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  2. Have you tried other programming systems for kids? (like Scratch, or Kodu) — if so, which is your favorite? I am a 6th grade teacher and a computer programmer and plan to teach programming in an after school club — thought I would use Scratch, but I’m also considering Alice or Kodu (For my own video game programming, I mostly use Unity, but it’s probably too advanced to teach to most 6th graders)

    • I’m very familiar with Scratch, Kodu, and of course Alice. They’re all great, but the one you want to use depends on what kind of level your willing to teach.

      Kodu would probably be a great way to start. It’s really easy to use and can be really fun for the start. But it also poses some programming skills such as organization, animation, etc.

      Whereareas Scratch and Alice are a bit more advanced. The only big difference is Scratch is 2D & Alice is 3D.

      I think it’d be best to start with Kodu. Then, when your students are ready, move onto Scratch or Alice. Hope that helped. 🙂

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