Stay Updated on the World Cup with Google Search

As I’ve said before in previous posts about Google Search, it offers some nice quick and easy ways to instantly receive your desired information. Please feel free to click on the links below to read more about what I’ve written about some Google Search tips and tricks.

5 Useful Google Search Tips

My 2 Daily Google Search Tips

For those soccer fans, staying updated with the scores, schedule, and brackets for the World Cup has been made easy thanks to Google’s unique Google Search tricks. So here it goes.

How to Receive Instantaneous Statistics, Scheduling, & Brackets for the World Cup

Type In: world cup


Type In: futbol

You will instantly see today’s game schedule for the World Cup. You can also see the schedule for yesterday and tomorrow’s game.

A small snippet out of the 8 groups for the World Cup.

A look at the bracket for the second stage for the World Cup.

As you would get with any other Google Search trick, you would instantly receive a tile of information giving you quick access and information to some of the statistics and scheduling for the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

How to Receive Instantaneous Information About a Particular Soccer Team & Their Statistics & Scheduling

For some, only a particular soccer team serves them interest. Maybe you’d like to know when their next game is or what’s their current standings in the World Cup tournament.

Type In: [country name] soccer

Example: united states soccer


Type In: [country name] <– For some countries, typing the name alone won’t display the team information. So you may have to use the first example. 

Example: mexico


This is the result of your search.


So I sure hoped this information helped you guys out. Especially for those soccer fans looking for some instantaneous information about upcoming games or their favorite teams! 😉


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