My 2 Daily Google Search Tips

The Google search!

If you’ve ever used the Internet, I’m pretty sure you’ve used the Google search engine. You know? That nice little box where you type whatever you’re looking for? Yeah that!

Anyways, as I’ve adventured through the realms and wonders of our vast Internet, I’ve come to gain some great insight on how to make use of the Google search box. Due to Google’s witty and innovative thinking, there are some great tips that I will instantly recommend you to use on a daily basis.

Of course, there are indeed other tips and tricks you can check out. So make sure to click this link right here (After you read this of course! :D) –> 5 Useful Google Search Tips

Tip 1: Finding out today’s weather

The weather tile that’ll appear as one of the results.

Type In: forecast [your city]

Example 01: forecast new york city

Example 02: forecast

Everyday, I go on with the daily routine of turning on my laptop and all the programs that I plan to use for the day. Including my web browser. But when I’m on the run to go to school, I find it absolutely time-consuming to go to a weather website, enter my zip code, and click on multiple links to find the information of my desire. Even if all this takes just a couple minutes, the time spent to just find out today’s weather can feel really time-consuming. All in all, this is just annoying.

But thanks to Google, I can now quickly determine the weather for the day and city of my choice by typing in forecast [city name] in the Google search bar. So let’s say I wanted to find the weather in New York City, well then I’d type in forecast new york city.

Also take note that if you’ve already signed into Google and its services, you can just type in forecast and it’ll display the weather information for your predetermined location.

With this quick Google search, I find no need to go through the several steps I’d naturally have to do on most weather sites. Google will instantly provide me with a tile of today’s weather information. Such information can include wind speeds, temperatures, humidity, and chances of precipitation. What’s also really neat is that it provides a graph of the rising and falling for temperature or precipitation. Cool huh?

Tip 2: Understanding new words

Defining google.

Type In: define [word]

Example 01: define hasty

For some, the old-fashioned dictionary will work just fine. While others may rely on some dictionary websites to give them the accurate definition of the word. Bust just as I said about looking up todays weather, it can be a real hassle to look up words also.

When looking up a word, all you have to type in is define [your word]. So for example, if I were to trying to figure out what the word “fabulous” meant. I’d then type in define fabulous. And thus forth, Google will give me a wondrous tile of information providing me with a bundle of information. Such information includes multiple definitions, word origins, the option to translate it, and the word’s usage throughout history. Basically, it’s the sort of to-go pocket dictionary of the Internet.


After learning these nice tricks, I’ve come to find it very difficult to revert back to what I did before. Which was to manually go to certain websites to find the weather or definition of a word. But thanks to Google, all of this information can be given to you in a matter of seconds.

You don’t need to search or figure out where to find the information. It’s all given to you in an instant tile of information. So before I check off on this post, I just want to say, thank you Google.


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