Me Repairing My Laptop

Just recently, I ran into an unfortunate issue with my Windows 7 laptop. Every time I turned on my laptop and logged in, it would take minutes for me to actually use it. What do I mean you ask? I mean, during those minutes, I can’t use my laptop for some reason because of the fact that it seems frozen. But it’s not.

It’s almost as if the laptop was trying to warm up during those minutes. Afterwards, the laptop would run perfectly fine with no issue. But then when I wake my laptop up from sleep, I run into the same issue. It slows down and it seems to be as if it’s frozen. But if I gave it like 10-15 minutes or so, it’d be fine. This caught up to be a really weird pattern so I obviously had to find out why.

The first step that I would take in any issue like this was a computer scan. I went ahead and used AVG 2014, the free version, and I also scanned my laptop with Malwarebytes. I started with AVG and all it got was some tracking cookies. Not much I suppose. Afterwards I went ahead to scan with Malwarebytes, it got nothing.

I’m Not in Any Way Endorsing These Products

After doing a bit of research on the internet, I decided to do a disk check. Now let me start off by saying that doing a disk check may not be a solution for everyone. It’s a really long process that can take hours. Plus, you can’t stop once the scan has started. I’d recommend doing a bit of research first before you do this process. If you’re certain this is a solution to your problem, go for it. Now this disk check doesn’t harm your computer in any way, but it’s a sure long process that may not be worth waiting for.

Turned out that a disk check was just what I’d needed. After waiting for three to four hours for the disk to finish scanning nearly 69 million files, I was good to go. When the process was over, I did a quick restart and my laptop was all back to normal.

What’s the point of me telling you this? Well for me, if you run into any problem with your computer, start with a computer scan. Always have that antivirus program online and working. That’s the first step to keeping your computer safe. The next step would be doing a bit of research on your problem. ‘Cause chances are, you probably aren’t the only one out there with that one single problem.

So remember, if you run into any problem, don’t fret. ‘Cause for every problem you may run into, there ought to be a solution for it. Or else, what’s the point of having problems that no one can solve? 😀