Tactical Intervention Thoughts

Despite all the complaints that I’ll have for this review, take note that this game is still in beta. Things can change a lot from today and even what I think of the game may change. But as of today, this is what I think of the game.

Tactical Intervention is a FTP FPS game developed by one of the creators of Counter Strike. If you’ve seen any videos or played Counter Strike yourself, then you’d realize that much of the game is based off the Counter Strike series. Such as the crosshairs, gameplay, and game modes.

But even if you’re not familiar with Counter Strike, this game does seem to pose a lot of potential. The game follows a slow-respawn kind of system. Meaning, it’s not a game about competition, it’s all about strategies and tactics. Hence the name, Tactical Intervention.

This is apparent throughout the TDM mode where respawn takes 10 seconds and the maps are very closed in. While in other modes such as saving the hostages, you only get one life per round. If you die, you’re dead until the next round.

Another unique aspect of the game is the lean feature. By holding either Q or E, you can lean off walls and fire on your opponent. Making it harder for your opponent to see you and fire.

But one feature of this game that would’ve been my favorite is the driving mission. Two teams are placed into separate vehicles of separate squads. One team is to escort a VIP and briefcase to a certain location while the other must prevent that. It seems like really fun. Ramming into other cars and shooting at each other down the highway. But, then you’d come to realize how poorly done the game was.

Despite all the opportunity that this game has to offer, it fails to do it well. When I first spawned into a match, the gameplay just felt awkward. I didn’t really feel like a person walking through the construction site. Instead, I felt like a robot collecting samples off the ground on the planet Mars. It was just that awkward.

Then when I see an enemy and attempt to take fire, the recoil was so bad! I literally had to drag down my mouse in order to keep track of where the enemy is every time I fired a shot. It was so difficult to get the enemies.

But one that I have to complain about the most is the driving mission. Controlling the car was very difficult and I felt like I was going to steer off the highway and crash into the wall. But when I was a passenger and I leaned out of the car window to shoot, I couldn’t aim. The car went too fast and it was far too difficult to set my aim correctly. Especially after I fired some shots. But in the end, I couldn’t even figure out how to get out of the car! I was stuck inside until the end of the round.

As great as the developers tell you about this game, it was poorly done in the end. Poor gameplay and controls and too much key strokes to memorize are well to overwhelming to the average user.

The developers of this game have some great ideas, but that need to learn how to minimize all the features into a couple of keystrokes. As well as smoothing out the gameplay.

I wouldn’t recommend or play this game for a very long time. The only thing I can say about this game is that I see a lot of potential in it. But it’s obviously going to take some time for all of this too smooth out.

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