5 Useful Google Search Tips

Everyday you’re using the internet, you’re most likely using Google as your default search engine. But, have you ever realized there were some nifty tricks you could actually use while using Google Search? Here are five tricks that may come in handy while you’re using Google Search.


Search Box: 1 + 1

Result: You will get a nice calculator which will also happen to have your answer. The calculator will also give you options to enter in you’re own equations with the buttons provided.



Search Box: define: computer

Result: A box will appear with the full definition of the defined word. Including synonyms and pronunciation.



Search Box: usd to pounds

Result: A box will appear with the conversion rate and value chart.


Search Box: time in new york

Result: A box will appear with the timezone location of the city and its current time.


Specific Search

Search Box: time travel: edu

Result: All the website results will end with .edu


2 thoughts on “5 Useful Google Search Tips

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