MacX DVD Ripper Pro Review

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a DVD ripper program developed by Digiarty Software. It currently stands as one of the fastest, easiest, and best DVD rippers out there.

Getting Started

When you start up the program, it’s ease of use is very immediate. The actual user interface is very simple, nothing too complicated. But what really caught my attention were the directions. They appear every time you start up the program and explain how to begin with just three simple steps. I find these directions very appealing considering that I’ll know where to get started.

You start off by selecting what you want to rip. The actual DVD disc, an ISO image, or a folder containing DVD content. From there, you can choose from a huge variety of output format profiles. Some profiles include a DVD backup, Apple devices, Android devices, and even Microsoft Devices. Therefore, MacX DVD Ripper Pro definitely stands out when it allows you to convert the DVD to almost whatever format you want.

However, I did get somewhat confused while I was poking around the PC General Video profile. I went ahead and ripped the DVD using the Recommend format under that profile. But, I was perplexed about why the ended up video fine, but the audio didn’t. It wasn’t even in sync with the video.

When I asked customer support, I realized that the output profile was purposed to preserve the video, not necessarily the audio. Although it was my own personal mistake for not paying closely attention, I do wish the issue would’ve been obvious. Maybe a pop-up that explains what may happen to the output file appears when your mouse hovers over one of the profile tabs.

Variety of Customization Options

Once you’ve chosen your output format, you can customize your output file a bit more by clicking on the “Edit” button next to the selected title. A new window will appear that’ll give you options to trim, crop, or add subtitles to your output file. Again, MacX DVD Ripper Pro has definitely nailed it by using variety as a necessity.

As soon as you have all that set up, you’re almost ready to begin ripping. You have three other options near the “Run” button that you can decide from. They’re the High Quality Engine, Deinterlacing, Safe Mode, and CPU Core Use.

The High Quality Engine basically preserves the converted output file in the best quality possible. Deinterlacing helps improve the quality of the output file. There may be some added time to the conversion though if you have any of these selected. But the added time isn’t major at all, it’s only by a couple minutes for an hour and a half movie. I highly recommend trying out these features because they work out great.

But, if you’re running into any issues, that’s what Safe Mode is for. Safe Mode is basically a smooth conversion process where it avoids any errors during the conversion. Again, a couple minutes may be added, but it’s not major. This is only recommended if you run into any issues while ripping the DVD.

If all these options slow down the conversion process a bit, you can select multiple CPU cores to increase the speed. Or just stick with a few to save some for later.

All in All…

Once you’re set, you can finally click on the big “Run” button. Now, the conversion is pretty fast. It took me around 20 minutes to fully rip and convert an hour and a half movie.

Overall, the program definitely stands as one of the fastest, easiest, and best DVD rippers out there. If anything, this program is definitely worth a try for anyone.


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