How to Remove a Partition on Windows 7

How to Remove a Partition on Windows 7

It’s nice to have a partition every now and then for certain purposes. But for some people, it may grow to become useless. As easy as it was to partition a hard drive, removing one probably a lot simpler.

Please remember that when you remove a partition, all data will be removed from it. So make sure to back-up files from that partition if needed. 

  1. Go to the bottom left corner and click on the Start Menu.
  2. On the right, Right-Click on Computer.
  3. Click on Manage. A new window called, Computer Management, should pop up.
  4. Locate the left pane. Go to Storage –> Disk Management. All your hard drives should appear now.
  5. Locate your hard drive on the bottom-middle pane. Click on it.
  6. Right-Click –> Delete Volume. It’ll remind you that all files will be deleted on that partition.
  7. Although the volume isn’t usable anymore, you still probably want to gain back the space from it. Click on the original hard drive.
  8. Right-Click –> Extend Volume. Go ahead and select that partitioned volume to be added back to the original hard drive throughout the setup.

Like I said, removing a partition, was a lot easier than creating one. Now, you may use the extra space on the original hard drive however you may wish. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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