Is Ezvid Worth It?


First of All, What’s Ezvid?

Ezvid is a free screencasting software developed by a startup studio in Hollywood, California. Not only that, but the program also provides a free video editor. It comes with a sleek, modern interface that becomes really easy to use. This program offers a great oppurtunity to users who are new to the YouTube world.

Now, hearing all that is great. But it seems like the developers were so focused on making this program easy, that there was no point on downloading this. Don’t let a diagram like this below take you away:

EzvidTableTrue, Ezvid offers all that compared to other software. But in reality, Ezvid only offers a minority of each category compared to other programs. Now, allow me to reveal the reality of Ezvid.

Video Editing

Let’s start with video editing. Ezvid’s video editor is really simplistic and its sleek, modern look can sell it to you. The program offers the traditional old timeline, text effects, and even voice synthesis. Now, what’s wrong with this?

Well there are video editing programs that automatically come with Windows and Mac OS X. They include Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. Both programs offer the same exact features that Ezvid provides. Windows Movie Maker allows you to automatically create a video. The program also features a variety of transitions, which Ezvid lacks. And iMovie offers all of these features. But, the developers of iMovie have added a green screen option. Which is really an advanced feature, but was simple to use. iMovie also provides a library of media which you can use for your projects.

Screen Recording

Ezvid has made screen recording a piece of cake. Especially for the newbies. All you have to do is click the record button, and your good to go. When you record, you get the option to place stamps such as arrows or a thumbs-up. Which is great for a review or a tutorial.

Now, Ezvid claims to have the best and easiest way to record gameplay video. Well, I can tell you that it’s easy to record, but it isn’t the best. While I was recording Minecraft, I realized there was some sort of lag. I was glitching every now and then. But while I was watching the video, I really couldn’t make out the lag.  Meaning, I couldn’t even see it. This is a very peculiar issue that I never saw with other programs. Hopefully, the developers would improve on this issue in the future.

Another problem I have with screen recording is that it takes a while to render. For example programs like Bandicam render the footage while it records. Another program, CamStudio, takes less than one second to render one minute footage. However with Ezvid, it takes like three-five seconds to render one minute footage. I’m really annoyed that it takes longer to render the footage compared to other programs. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

A Restricted Program

First off are the projects itself. Ezvid doesn’t allow you to import other projects or even export it. I only get to import other media and then immediately export it to YouTube. This is a very straight-forward process. I should have the option to at least export it as a media file or to some other video sharing website. If Ezvid plans to keep this going however, Google may as well buy them.

Another issue I’m having with Ezvid is the music. The program offers a good variety of music which aren’t so bad. However, the music doesn’t even appear in the audio timeline and I don’t have an option to mute it. Which makes it really difficult if you want to time the music for introductions and credits.

Where Does This Put Ezvid?

Overall Ezvid is a simple-to-use screen recording/video editing program that lacks in even some of the most simplest features. In my opinion, there is no need in downloading this software. You can use CamStudio, Jing, Bandicam, Fraps and so much more to record your screen. As for video editing, I’d just stick with the default programs.


25 thoughts on “Is Ezvid Worth It?

  1. A bunch of tidbits I found on the Ezvid website:
    – It does not accept user comments currently
    – Their own comparisons with other software are biased in favor of Ezvid (for example, in their comparison to FastStone Capture, they missed a few spots including capture of scrolling windows)
    – Some “top X” posts have nothing to do with Ezvid

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  3. Very helpful. I love this blog.

  4. Don’t bother with ezvid. it crashed whenever I tried to do anything.

  5. I unchecked the box during installation that asked whether it can install the Nation search bar (crapware) but it installed it anyway and rest all my browser settings. Plus it took a painfully long time to uninstall for some reason…
    EZVID itself crashed repeatedly on Windows 7 (16GB ram, 6-core processor), so don’t risk even trying this software.

    • Same thing happened, here. SERIOUS red flag, if you ask me. I uninstalled immediately, and scanned my computer for risks. Shady, shady, shady.

    • see, this is why it is a virus. it FORCES you to put a browser toolbar and change your default homepage even if you un-check the option. I find that very stupid.

  6. I just uploaded my first video to YouTube, one of the reason i decided to use it was because i was allowed to use their free music in my video. The day after i uploaded my video i received the content id match flag, i disputed it explaining that i was under the impression that i was allowed to use the music. Today my dispute was denied and i was asked to take down my video. Which was a simple slide show of a race car i had made using Photoshop and 3D max.I have heard of this happening to other people and I would not recommend this software to anyone.

  7. ezvid is bundled with a VIRUS called “” and it is extremely difficult to remove.

  8. its good just a small amount of lag but its good for a free screen recorder


  10. Thanks for all your comments, saved me some time!

  11. im quite glad I looked at this before downloading!!!!!!

  12. Holy crap. I tried to back out of EZVid “Free” installation, once I figured out it was going to install crap on top of the browser. Well…. it installed it anyway! Now I have this permanent ad banner/menu thing on top of all my browsers. Anyway thoughts on how to get rid of them? I am desperate to get rid of this thing. I even went so far as uninstalling chrome. That did not work. This thing is killing me.

    • try downloading piriform ccleaner (two “c”s is correct). click tools and it shows the uninstall feature, and the list will include stuff that doesn’t show up in the control panel programs list. i’ve got rid of unwanted toolbars and price comparison apps that piggybacked on software downloads. it even got rid of which was the bane of my life.

  13. there is a wmv file (final) in the ezvid folder in your My Documents that can be exported once the video has been upped to youtube, not that I am a big fan or anything, just that I have found a way of exporting the built video file

  14. Does Ezvid allow for onscreen recording through HDMI?

    • I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re saying. I can say though that Ezvid is a free screen recorder that’ll record your screen.

      If you’re trying record on a monitor that uses HDMI, it shouldn’t matter. A screen recorder will record of what’s displayed on the screen. Regardless of how it’s connected to the computer.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

      • Thank you for replying. Guess what, I used to used another screen recorder and cannot pick up audio since I’ve switched to using my TV with an HDMI cable. It therefore appears the Screen Recorder only works with onboard audio despite it will play video. So with Ezvid, all I keep getting is the songs and I don’t know how to turn them off.

      • As for the audio, it depends on which you’re recording. If you’re trying to record audio from the computer itself, that should be automatically enabled. But if you’re trying to record audio from a microphone, make sure you use the advanced capture option and make sure the microphone recorder is enabled.

        As for the songs, you should have the option to prioritize of what audio you’d like to hear. It should be in a panel on the left side called, “mix.” Drag the slider to your desirable option. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is an option to disable the music.

        I apologize if my advice fails to meet your request. It has been a long time since I’ve used Ezvid. Since then, I’ve uninstalled the program. But regardless, I hope this helps in some way and feel free to keep asking. 🙂

      • Oh I am happy for your advice. You understood my request. I am not succeeding with Ezvid so have to find an alternative that is able to capture both A&V together. In Ezvid, what I got for film was embarrasing. I could’ve converted the audio to an mp3 but I really wanted the vids for my training. thanks much!! Blessings!

      • Always happy to help! 😀

  15. I tried EZVid just now, and when I tried to render my video, I set it us watched for about 6 mins, went downstairs and watch a tv show. When I came back it was only at 2% is that my cpu or is it EZVid?

    • It may be your CPU. But I highly doubt it. I remember when I myself had a hard time trying to render video on Ezvid. It was just as slow a process for me as it is for you.

      I would recommend using another video editing program. Even Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie wouldn’t be so bad.

  16. Be aware that the way you pay for EzVid is that they own your video. All the music they supply is subject to copyright claim from them, and when you upload –but ONLY when you upload, which I think is unethical– they warn you that they may run adverts on YOUR video. Add the technical issues, the requested donation, and the lack of support, and EzVid is not to be recommended.

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