Google SketchUp 8 Lesson 2 – Basic Shapes

Learn how to create 2D shapes and eventually turn them into 3D shapes.

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Is Ezvid Worth It?


First of All, What’s Ezvid?

Ezvid is a free screencasting software developed by a startup studio in Hollywood, California. Not only that, but the program also provides a free video editor. It comes with a sleek, modern interface that becomes really easy to use. This program offers a great oppurtunity to users who are new to the YouTube world.

Now, hearing all that is great. But it seems like the developers were so focused on making this program easy, that there was no point on downloading this. Don’t let a diagram like this below take you away:

EzvidTableTrue, Ezvid offers all that compared to other software. But in reality, Ezvid only offers a minority of each category compared to other programs. Now, allow me to reveal the reality of Ezvid.

Video Editing

Let’s start with video editing. Ezvid’s video editor is really simplistic and its sleek, modern look can sell it to you. The program offers the traditional old timeline, text effects, and even voice synthesis. Now, what’s wrong with this?

Well there are video editing programs that automatically come with Windows and Mac OS X. They include Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. Both programs offer the same exact features that Ezvid provides. Windows Movie Maker allows you to automatically create a video. The program also features a variety of transitions, which Ezvid lacks. And iMovie offers all of these features. But, the developers of iMovie have added a green screen option. Which is really an advanced feature, but was simple to use. iMovie also provides a library of media which you can use for your projects.

Screen Recording

Ezvid has made screen recording a piece of cake. Especially for the newbies. All you have to do is click the record button, and your good to go. When you record, you get the option to place stamps such as arrows or a thumbs-up. Which is great for a review or a tutorial.

Now, Ezvid claims to have the best and easiest way to record gameplay video. Well, I can tell you that it’s easy to record, but it isn’t the best. While I was recording Minecraft, I realized there was some sort of lag. I was glitching every now and then. But while I was watching the video, I really couldn’t make out the lag.  Meaning, I couldn’t even see it. This is a very peculiar issue that I never saw with other programs. Hopefully, the developers would improve on this issue in the future.

Another problem I have with screen recording is that it takes a while to render. For example programs like Bandicam render the footage while it records. Another program, CamStudio, takes less than one second to render one minute footage. However with Ezvid, it takes like three-five seconds to render one minute footage. I’m really annoyed that it takes longer to render the footage compared to other programs. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

A Restricted Program

First off are the projects itself. Ezvid doesn’t allow you to import other projects or even export it. I only get to import other media and then immediately export it to YouTube. This is a very straight-forward process. I should have the option to at least export it as a media file or to some other video sharing website. If Ezvid plans to keep this going however, Google may as well buy them.

Another issue I’m having with Ezvid is the music. The program offers a good variety of music which aren’t so bad. However, the music doesn’t even appear in the audio timeline and I don’t have an option to mute it. Which makes it really difficult if you want to time the music for introductions and credits.

Where Does This Put Ezvid?

Overall Ezvid is a simple-to-use screen recording/video editing program that lacks in even some of the most simplest features. In my opinion, there is no need in downloading this software. You can use CamStudio, Jing, Bandicam, Fraps and so much more to record your screen. As for video editing, I’d just stick with the default programs.

Is Skype Getting Any Better With Microsoft?

Hey guys!

I’m here to talk about Skype under Microsoft. Mostly because lately, Skype has been undergoing some major changes. Especially since the release of Windows 8. So, I thought it’d be nice to bring in a topic about this.

So, How’s Skype Doing? 

It’s been two years since Microsoft has bought Skype. Lately, Skype has been changing a lot. Especially their new color scheme going with the new Windows 8 Metro UI.

Well, first off, lets start with what has changed. One major change to Skype is the user interface. Ever since Windows 8 was released, more of Microsoft’s products are beginning to adapt to the new Metro UI. One of those products of course, is Skype.

With Skype’s latest update(Windows Desktop:, Skype has lost its original color. Meaning, the interface is just a plain white. The blue color that people knew as Skype is gone. Sure, the blue color comes up every now and then. But really, all I see is white. As if, Skype has gone “blank.”

Now, what would be a good solution to that? Bring back the blue! Or even better, a customization feature. People with Windows 8 have the option to customize their color for the start menu. Why can’t we do that with Skype?

I would recommend a feature where you can choose the color scheme for the interface of Skype. With that small addition, users can personalize their experience and feel a bit more welcome.

Another change that has been climbing onto Skype is the new metro UI. I personally, love the metro idea. Just one problem, I’m not getting that metro feeling.

I believe this is mostly because of the color. Remember earlier how I said the plain white interface makes Skype seem, “blank.” Well, the color scheme is having an effect on their new metro UI. Like I said earlier, a nice color customization feature would be nice.

Sadly, it’s all I’ve got so far. But, I’ll let you know once I’ve got more. Let’s just hope Microsoft will at least bring back the old Skype that everyone knew.