Game Review – Minecraft

What is Minecraft? Where Did it Come From?

Minecraft is a sandbox game originally developed by Swedish programmer, Markus Persson, also known as “Notch.” On June 1st, 2009, Markus quits his job as an established game developer to create his own game.

For a while, Markus was playing a game called Infiminer, developed by Zachtronic Industries. The game was designed for you to collect resources in order to gain points for your team. Simple really.

Unfortunately, the game was discontinued. However, this game inspired Markus to develop his own game a few weeks later. He reused the concept of building blocks from Infiminer and creativity itself to be the basis for his game.

On May 17, 2009, Markus released the first release for a whole new beginning for the world of gaming. Over time, the game has gained huge popularity and has become on of the top indie-games in the industry. This game eventually became to what we know as of today, Minecraft.

Here’s What I Think…

When I first started the game, the interface was very simple. Nothing special or too fancy. It just gave you a nice, warm, and welcoming feel. Which is really nice, especially for beginners because in most other games, there would be buttons all over the screen. Each with their own special little feature. Which can be pretty overwhelming for a beginner and could take a while to master. But, Minecraft just keeps it nice and simple so you can get straight to the action.

I’ve also been enjoying the gameplay lately. I enjoy the survival and creative modes in the game. In survival, you basically have to survive. Which really satisfies me that I get to explore the Minecraft world and do things that your parents won’t let you do. Like going hunting in the forest or even riding on a pig!

In creative, you basically get to be your own creative mind. The game will give you all the blocks it can offer, you just have to make something out of it. I’ve created a tree-house, mansion, and a few apartments. For me, it’s really fun to do it block by block. Especially if you can do it with your friends.

But what is also nice is that the developers of this game tried to put some realism into the game. For example, the fact that fire won’t burn on dirt. Or that it’s easier to mine sand than it is to mine stone. The game actually gives you a real understanding of the real world. (Except mobs, riding pigs, and creepers.)

Another thing I enjoyed about this game were the servers. There was just such a huge variety of servers to choose from online. They’ve got Hunger Games and even Call of Duty! Basically, people download some plugins and texture packs to give you the feel of a Hunger Games arena. Or maybe some action like in Call of Duty. It’s a really fun experience and one that I won’t regret.

But my favorite part of the game is the concept of using building blocks to express your creative mind. The reason why this is my favorite is because it’s just a unique idea. I’ve never seen any game like this before with this concept. Although some creations may not end up so perfect due to this, players have made astonishing creations out of it anyways. For example, people made mansions, dragons, pixel art, and so much more!

Now one major downfall of the game was the graphics. I can see that this is a building-block game, but honestly, the graphics seem very pixelated. One example is the glass block. I don’t really understand why there should be white dots on the glass. But thankfully, the game has a feature called “Texture Packs.” Where you can go online and download a huge selection of textures. Ranging from simplicity to medieval. Hopefully, the game will look into improving the graphics though.

This is an astonishing game that exceeds anything that I could’ve imagined. I’ll give it a 9 out of 10 and would totally recommend it to anyone. I would also like to encourage this for young kids and families because this really offers the family fun and creativity everyone needs.

That’s all guys! Thanks for reading! Please make sure to check out the links below and stay tuned for upcoming posts. See you later!

Official Minecraft Website


YouTube Channel

Minecraft Addict Page


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