October 2012 Newsletter

Hey guys!

I thought it’d be nice to make a newsletter every single month so I can announce current and future projects. As well as of course some side-news such as reviews and small tutorials. Hopefully you guys enjoy!

Alice 2.3, Done!

Now, just recently, I’ve finally complete my first learning series on Alice 2.3. It contains 16 lessons that goes on to various topics, but simple topics. There may have been some of which I didn’t introduce. This is because I’ve chosen it as unnecessary and something you might not really need. You can check it all out here. Hopefully, it’ll teach you guys something.

Wait, I Want to Learn More!

I do plan on doing another learning series on another game engine called Stencyl. You can check out my review on it right here. Anyways, I’m still considering my lesson plan for it and I should be starting around the beginning of November.

So What Are You Going to Do Right Now?

Well, I have a few pre-planned presentations that I would like to present. I’m not going to announce any as of right now, but I’ll be hinting along the way. 😉

That’s All…

That is all for now. Hopefully you guys have an idea of what my future plans now. If you have any suggestions or want to help out, just leave a comment below. Take a look around my blog. Check out the links below and some of my recent posts. As for now, enjoy your day!

YouTube Channel

Alice 2.3 Learning Series


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