Game Review – BeGone


Hey guys!

I’m back with a brand new game review on BeGone. Now, I’ll spend 2-5 minutes explaining about the general idea of the game as well as give out my personal opinion. Just leave a comment below on what you think and PM me if you have any suggestions for future reviews. Let’s get started!

About BeGone & How it Works

BeGone is a third-person and first-person MMO shooter released by ProtonStudios on September 11, 2010. The game is rarely known and has just over 100,000 registered users. However, you can also play as a guest. So, the amount of players is very sizeable.

When you go in-game there are two teams you select from to play as, Militia or SWAT. Each team begins at opposite sides of the map. Some maps include Warehouse, Crane, and Timbertown. Also, there are two game modes that you can play in certain maps. In Elimination, you’ll have to eliminate the entire opposing team. But in Sabotage, the SWAT team must defend the bombs from being activated by the Militia.

What you’ll also find is that you can only buy weapons in-game. You’ll start from zero, but as you gain more kills and team wins, you’ll receive more money allowing you access to buy certain weapons. By default, you’ll be equipped with the MP5. But, the primary weapon has 3 more options you can choose from. There is the M1014 shotgun, M4A1 rifle, M110 sniper, and the M249 SAW machine gun. There is also only one melee and secondary weapon. They’re the knife and grenade.

So, now that you know what the game looks like, this is how the game works. Each game has a set of ten rounds. Every time your team wins, you’ll receive a $1,000 bonus. The goal is for your team to win up to 10 rounds before the opposing team. If your team wins all 10 rounds, you win. After that, the game will start all over again with each team at 0 rounds.

My Point of View
The first I would like to point out is the graphics. For a casual game developed by a team of less than 7 people, it’s not bad. However, it does look a bit grainy and cheap. The graphics can also cause some issues like you can see through buildings at times or it’s just a bit fuzzy. But like I said, this game is developed by less than 7 people. So, don’t expect too much. ;)

Another thing I’d like to point out is the game modes. I really like the current game modes of Elimination and Sabotage, but I’ve also realized that there isn’t a Team Death Match mode. Most games would start off by this default game mode. However, this game started off with Elimination and Sabotage. I find this very unique, and a good idea as well since the maps are very small.

What I’ve also noticed is the movement of my avatar. It’s very bumpy and unusual. Meaning, it doesn’t have that smooth effect you see in other games.

That is all for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. If you have any comments, just leave a post below. As for now, see you later! :D

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