Box Tutorial – How To Map It As A Network Drive On Windows

Good morning!

I’m back with a brand new tutorial on how map to Box, a free online storage provider, as a network drive on your computer in Windows. Don’t forget to leave some comments, share my blog on Google+, and join me as well. So, let’s get started!

1.) Open up Windows Explorer. You can do these by opening up your Documents Folder, My Computer, etc.

2.) Go to the menu and click on Tools –> Map Network Drive.

3.) Select the letter for your drive and type in either one of the addresses below. Make sure to try both to see which works best.


4.) Check Reconnect at logon. This way, you won’t have to login every time you boot up your computer. 

5.) Now, it’ll ask your for your credentials. Make sure you enter in your credentials to Box, not to the computer. After that, click on Ok

Your Box account is now a network drive on your computer. So, whatever you put in the drive, will be automatically synced in with the only storage. 

I hope this helps you. Make sure to join my blog and comment below to let me know what you think. As for now, adios! 

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