Windows Tutorial – How To Resize The Tabs On Your Taskbar


I’m back with a brand new tutorial on how to resize the tabs on your taskbar in Windows. You may be wondering, why would I do this? Well, I’m making an upcoming video on how to turn or Windows XP/Vista in Windows 7. Don’t forget to leave some comments, follow my blog, and spread the word. So, let’s get started!

1.) Go to Start –> Run.

2.) Type in: regedit

3.) Click on Ok.

Note: You can start viewing the video from here. 

4.) A window called “Registry Editor” should pop up. Locate yourself to HKEY_CURRENT_USER –> Control Panel –> Desktop –> WindowMetrics.

5.) If you can’t find “MinWidth” in the reading pane, Right Click –> New –> String Value.

6.) Name it “MinWidth.”

7.) Double-click on the string value and type in 150. 150 is the default setting. But you can make them bigger or smaller.

Note: In order for this to take effect, you must log off and log back in.

I hope this helps a lot if you’re ever interested in doing this! Enjoy!


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