Windows/Macintosh Tutorial – How To Take Screen Shots


Today, I’m going to bring you a brand new tutorial on how to take screen shots. You know how you want to show something on your desktop but hate having to get the camera out and then how it results in? Well, I’m going to fix that problem. 

1.) When you have your screen just how you like, press the PrtScn/Print Screen button on your keyboard. 

2.) Now, go to Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Paint. 

3.) Once Paint is open, go to Edit –> Paste. Now, you’r image has been pasted. You can edit it and save it now that it’s finished. 

1.) When your screen is ready, press Command –> Shift –> 3 to take a full screen shot. If you want to do a selected part of the screen, press Command –> Shift –> 4 and select your region. By default, your images should be saved on your desktop.

I hope this helps. Enjoy!


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