Windows/Macintosh Tutorial – Changing File Extensions


In this tutorial, I’ll be teaching you how to change file extensions. Now, before you do this, there’s some information you must be aware of.

Sometimes, you’d like to change the extension of an image maybe from a .JPEG to a .PNG. But when changing extensions, there is a risk. When you change the extension, you change the output of the file. Meaning, you’re changing how it’d turn out. So sometimes when changing this output, it may corrupt the file or make it trash. That’s why you must make sure to change from an image file extension to another image file extension or from a document extension to another document extension etc. So if you’re 100% sure you want to perform this action, let’s get started.

Note: Changing extensions in Windows & Macintosh aren’t very different.

1.) Click the file you want to change the extension to once.

2.) Wait 1 second then click the file again, once.

3.) Go to the end of the name of the file and type in .yourextensionhere If there isn’t a dot with the extension at the end, just add it on.

4.) Press Enter

Now your finished. Enjoy!


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