Software Review – Google Chrome


I’m back with a brand new review on Google Chrome. Now, I’ll spend 2-5 minutes discussing about Google Chrome and then check out the media below. Make sure to leave comments and let me know what you think. So, let’s begin!

Google Chrome is a free web-browser developed by Google in 2008. The Beta version was released in September and was officially released in December. 25-28% of the people worldwide use Google Chrome according to estimates in January 2012. That makes it the second or third most popular web browser in the world. Just recently, Google announced they’ll be developing the web-browser to be compatible with the upcoming Windows 8.

I’ve been using Google Chrome for about 2-4 months now and find it very easy, sleek, and fast. Navigation around Google Chrome is simple with using your address bar as your search bar as well with a page that lists apps and recently visited websites.

The speed of Google Chrome isn’t as fast as I expected, but is the fastest browser out there. The downfall is, that every once in a while, it slows down for some reason. I’m suspecting it’s because of the server but when I open up FireFox, it works perfectly fine. So the speed isn’t really reliable.

Now, since Google Chrome was developed by Google, their products are strongly connected to Chrome in many ways. For example, by default, there is a mail checker on your toolbar that checks your Gmail. They also have apps related to Google products such as Google Docs, Google Books, Google Translator, etc. So if you have a Gmail, I strongly recommend getting Google Chrome.

My favorite thing about Google Chrome definitely has to be the Chrome Web Store. It has so many functional apps including popular ones such as Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies. However, after opening an app a few times, it starts to fail. I’m not exactly sure why, but it applies to some apps.

Overall, Google Chrome is a great functional browser to use that I highly recommend. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and check out the media. For now, I’ll see you guys later!

Official Google Chrome Website


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