Game Review – Uberstrike


Below, is my first game review published on the site. So please, bring in feedback and suggestions and I’ll try to improve in the future. Thanks! 

Okay, Überstrike originated as Paradise Paintball 3D produced by a small and private company located in Beijing, China known as CMUNE. It began as a paintball FPS. However, when 3.0 came, it was known as the “Great Era.” 

You see, the “Great Era” was when things were great. The game’s forums were fun and loving and so was the heart of its game. However, when 4.0 came, a new era emerged known as the “Dark Ages.” This is when their community was growing sick and old people retiring, swearing off and many things you can’t possibly imagine. 

But during the “Dark Ages”, the game itself changed. It had a whole new interface which is more futuristic. With this major update, the game was renamed to, Überstrike. If you don’t know, Über means awesome in german. 

Now that we’ve learned the history of Überstrike, let’s get down to my review! Okay, Überstrike is a Sci-Fi game designed for teens. However, the game is more of a rated E game. The graphics are fine but when it comes to ping, it lags. However, CMUNE is working on that. 

This game also has ammo, health, and armor you can pick up in certain maps. Which is good since there is no reloading option, but yet again, this is Sci-Fi. Also, by certain maps, I meant by BlueBox maps. 

BlueBox maps are maps that are still in progress. They’re a checkered blue and there is no ammo, health, or armor to pick up (with the exception of Cuberstrike). Over time, CMUNE will then release its full version.

The gameplay is okay. But this is more of an individual game than a teamwork gameplay environment. Back then during the “Great Era,” there was a team chat which was a great use for the team to work together. However, now it doesn’t have that feature, which has lowered the teamwork gameplay.

The XP isn’t so nice either. It can still take a while to get from 4-5 sometimes maybe even from 3-4. You get very little XP per shot and the amount of XP needed to move on is horrifying. However, CMUNE is working on a new XP system. 

Now the weapons have been more balanced than they used to be during the beginning of the “Dark Ages.” However, some stuff is still just not right. Good news is, CMUNE is on it.

That’s all for now. However, give this game a try and really get involved with its forums. I hope you enjoyed this guy and that’s all for now. Check out below for links and media. That’s all for now. Have fun gaming!

Überstrike Official Website
Official Forums 

Video Credit: mmohut

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