Game Review – Spiral Knights


I’m back on another tutorial on a popular game known as Spiral Knights. I’ll spend 2-5 minutes explaining this game. So, enjoy!

Spiral Knights is a free online MMORPG fantasy game. The game was released a few months ago around mid-2011, which makes it pretty young. However, it has overwhelmingly reached over 1 million players, making it pretty popular. Which is a good sign for a heck of a young game.

Now, when you log on, you have the option to make three characters. It offers some classic customization, however, it’d be great to for them to add a bit more to this option. What’s also interesting is that you share energy. But there are two types of energy, mist and crystal. Mist reloads back to 100 taking about 24 hours. Crystal energy must be bought with real currency. You can use energy to craft items and be able to go on missions.

The layout of this game is okay, but would need some tweaks in the future. For example, the graphics are absolutely stunning, but it tends to lag a lot. Also, if you want to switch places, for example, if you want to from the “Bazaar” to the “Arcade,” it must load first. I think that’s fine because it loads at a pretty decent speed, yet I hope this becomes unnecessary in the future. But what’s great about the layout of this game is that it has a training, which is great for newbies. Yet, when you want to buy things, they’re relatively high. Meaning, it’d take a lot of crowns and gameplay to get whatever you want or need. However, there is an auction center, which should close the problem.

But my favorite part of the game is the gameplay itself. It has an extraordinary amount of teamwork which is required for all missions which I absolutely love. They are missions of 4 and have quick-chat abilities you can use on your number-pad. Also, when you move on, the depths get deeper, meaning more challenges. However, to move on to different tiers, you need certain armor, weapons, etc. Which I think is very good system. The energy however, is needed to use the elevators to go deeper and to respawn if your killed. So you must be careful of the energy you spend on. 

Overall, this is a great game for everybody to try out for all ages. I recommend it a try. Check out below for some links and media. If you have any comments or questions, post below. Thanks for checking out my review!

Spiral Knights Official Website



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