Dropbox Tutorial – How To Make A Download Link

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I’m back with a brand new tutorial on how to make a download link in Dropbox. Also, don’t forget to rate, comment, and follow my blog. Now, let’s get started!

1.) Move the file you want to make downloadable in the Public folder.

2.) Copy and paste the long version of the public link on where you’re going to use it.

3.) Now, add this to the link.


So, if your public link was:


It’d turn out into: 


I hope this tutorial helps! But don’t leave without rating, commenting, or following my blog. Enjoy! 


Windows Tutorial – How To Make Your Windows XP/Vista Look Like Windows 7


I’m back with a brand new tutorial on how to make your Windows XP/Vista look like Windows 7. There’s two different ways you can do this. So, I’ll teach you both of them. Now, let’s get started! 

Way 1

1.) Download this theme. It’s 100% virus-free. Don’t worry, I’ve scanned it. 

2.) Follow this tutorial on How To Resize The Tabs On Your Taskbar. Instead of setting the MinWidth to 150, set it to -200. 
Note: Your tabs won’t be pinned to the taskbar though. It’ll just end up looking like the Windows 7 taskbar, just not the effect. 
Way 2

1.) Download this theme. It’s 100% virus-free. Don’t worry, I’ve scanned it. 
2.) Download ViGlance and set it up to have it as your Windows 7 super-bar. 
3.) If you want a functional start menu as well, download ViStart. 
Now, you’re all done. Your computer now acts and looks like Windows 7. Enjoy! 

Windows Tutorial – How To Resize The Tabs On Your Taskbar


I’m back with a brand new tutorial on how to resize the tabs on your taskbar in Windows. You may be wondering, why would I do this? Well, I’m making an upcoming video on how to turn or Windows XP/Vista in Windows 7. Don’t forget to leave some comments, follow my blog, and spread the word. So, let’s get started!

1.) Go to Start –> Run.

2.) Type in: regedit

3.) Click on Ok.

Note: You can start viewing the video from here. 

4.) A window called “Registry Editor” should pop up. Locate yourself to HKEY_CURRENT_USER –> Control Panel –> Desktop –> WindowMetrics.

5.) If you can’t find “MinWidth” in the reading pane, Right Click –> New –> String Value.

6.) Name it “MinWidth.”

7.) Double-click on the string value and type in 150. 150 is the default setting. But you can make them bigger or smaller.

Note: In order for this to take effect, you must log off and log back in.

I hope this helps a lot if you’re ever interested in doing this! Enjoy!

Macintosh Tutorial – How To Change The Location Of Your Screenshots

Good evening!

Today, I’m going to teach you how to change the location of your screenshots. If you want to know how to take a screenshot, just go here. Now, let’s get started shall we?

Note: By default, the location of your screenshots should be on your desktop.

1.) Open the Terminal under your Utilities folder.

2.) Type and fill in the code below.

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location ~/FolderNameHere/Sub-FolderNameHere/

So, if you want to save the screenshots in your pictures folder type in: 

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location ~/Pictures/

If you want to revert back to the desktop, type in: 

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location ~/Desktop/

3.) After you’ve typed in the code you’d like, make sure you finish it off with the code below: 

killall SystemUIServer

Now, your screenshots are just where you want them. I hope you enjoy! 

Game Review – Dark Orbit

Good morning!
I’m back guys with a brand new game review on Dark Orbit. Now, I’ll spend 2-5 minutes talking and explaining about the game as well as giving out my point of view on the game. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment below to let me know what you think and follow my blog. So, lets’ get started!
Dark Orbit is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Bigpoint Games. The game is set in outer-space where people battle out enemies and other players for valuable resources. This includes three factions players can choose from; Earth Industries Corporation (EIC), Mars Mining Operations (MMO), and Venus Resources Unlimited (VRU). It was released as a two dimensional Flash game on December 10, 2006. Over time, it has reached over 65 million registered users with millions still active.
When you first start, the game gives you free bonuses for 2 weeks. Also, you get rewards every single day you log in. This is a great way to save up your credits and equipment. But, it could take a while before you can get move on to different maps.

The graphics for a 2D browser game are very decent. I like how the functionality of this game is very well laid out and comes with little or no lag. The background of the scene is very impressive and I like how it gives me the in-depth feeling of the game. However, I wish we can actually go there rather than on top of it.

I also find the gameplay very well done. There are Streuners (enemies) you can battle out and you receive resources in reward. You’ll also pick-up resources along your journey through space. Of course, you can join with other players on the same company as you and battle out other rivals. But as you go on to different maps, enemies become more harsh, but resources are more bountiful.

What I also found annoying was the chat system. When I clicked on Global Chat and starting typing messages, it’d seem like no one is talking. But, if you click on other chats such as the EIC (Earth Industries Corporation) chat then click on Global Chat again, you find that people were actually responding. I have absolutely no exclamation how this could be possible, but I hope it gets fixed very soon.

Overall, this is a great game for experienced players. So I recommend you check this out. Don’t forget to comment below to let me know what you think and follow my blog. See you guys later!

Official Website

GIMP Tutorial – How To Add A Border


I’m back with a brand new tutorial on how to add a border in GIMP. So, please make sure to leave a comment below, follow, and subscribe my blog. Let’s get started!

1.) Open up an image you’d like to add a border to.

2.) Add a new layer on the right pane window

3.) Go to Select –> All in the menu.

4.) Now go to Select –> Border in the menu.

5.) Specify how large you want the border to be. In this case, I’ll choose 10px. Then press Ok.

6.) You should see an outlined border in your image. Just select your paint bucket, gradient, etc. tool and fill in the are.

7.) After you’ve done so, go to the menu and go to Select –> None.

Now, you have a complete border. Also, if you have any requests for a tutorial, feel free to ask. Enjoy!

Software Review – Blender

Good Morning!

I’m back with a brand new software review on Blender. I’ll spend 2-5 minutes explaining about and how I think of the software. Don’t forget to leave a comment once you’ve finished reading and let me know what you think. So, let’s get started.

Blender is a 3D computer graphics software used to make animations, 3D games, and 3D models. The program is developed by the Blender Foundation.

When I first opened Blender, it looks sleek and new. The layout is rather complex and takes a while to master, but it’s all worth it. What’s unique about the software though is that you can change the way the interface of the program runs. By this, I mean you can make it run like Maya, a popular 3D graphics program. So, for those used to using Maya but want to try Blender, you can always change your interaction presets to Maya when you open Blender.

The program also has some layouts already set for you on the toolbar. So, you can change it to a video editing layout, animation, compositing, etc. This is a great way to organize and save your layouts making it easier for you to work on your projects.

What is also nice is the way it lets you sculpt and design architectural objects. It lets you pull and stretch the vertices of the objects and you can literally sculpt your designs as if you’re sculpting with clay. This is by far the most advanced 3D graphics program I’ve ever seen. I mean, it’s really rare to find a program that does that.

Although I’ve had little experience with Blender, I’ve also discovered a few bugs in it. When I was working on an introduction for my school and wanted to add one more text mesh to my other 5 text meshes, it kept freezing. So, I tried downloading the introduction template from online but yet again, it kept freezing when I wanted to add more text meshes. This same bug occurred when I downloaded other templates. I don’t know why this is happening, but I’m suspecting it’s because my computer is way too old to handle this.

However, that’s not the only problem I’ve found. When I finished rendering my animation and imported them into the video editing layout and played the video, all I saw was white. I checked all the settings to see if they were correct and they were. But when I opened the images in other programs they seem to work perfectly fine. I don’t know why it’s like that, but I’m guessing maybe the software doesn’t support .png files. However, the weird thing is, everyone else seems to work perfectly fine and the software actually does support .png files. So that really messes me up.

Overall, I think this is a great software that I highly recommend for game designers, architects, or even just the average computer user. So, don’t forget to check out the links and media below.

Also, remember to read my other reviews and look for some tutorials if you need any help. Make sure you leave a comment to let me know what you think. As for now, see you later!

Official Blender Website
Quickstart on Blender
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